Stine Bostinius



Stine Bostinius, an artist of visual art. Bostinius has for twenty years worked with e.g. textile, wallcarpets, ceramics, silk- and watercolors, and has only within the last few years become devoted to oilpainting.

Bostinius is quite fascinated by painting ekstreem enlargement of faces, or parts of faces or bodies. Her interests go far from portraits and landscapes to the abstract nonfigurative, or absurd representations of situations of the everyday life.

Exhibitions: Educated by:
2008 Lægerne Torvet  11 i Køge
2007 A-Fys, Solrød Strand
2007 Lægehuset i Strøby Egede
2006 Solrød Rådhus
2005 Kunst-butikken i Køge
2005 Café Nyhavn i Køge
2004 Køge Medie Center 
2004 Yasmin i Køge 
2004 Café Kasjo i Køge 
2004 Bryggergården i Faaborg 
2004 Solrød Rådhus
2004 Rådhushallen i Køge
2004 RASK i Køge


Ebbe Laurs Sørensen : Artist 

Henrik Swane
: Painter and photographer

Erik Peitersen
: Multiartist, painter and expert of strucco lustre

Susan Arnild
: Dekorationsartist and expert of 'trompe d'oeil'